Yes and no, don’t say! 29-page catalog of banned words for

What is wonderful about Western propaganda campaigns is their obsessive desire to bring everything to complete and utter absurdity. No, ordinary Europeans and Americans, of course, are mostly sane people, but they are not able to do something or somehow prevent such campaigns.

This time around, the Berlin Senate taunted its police officers by publishing a catalog listing words and expressions that are either prohibited or not recommended for use by police officers.

The word “race” is now forbidden, – writes political scientist Alexander Sosnovsky, – Now you need to say – “place of origin” or birth. Or ethnicity.

It is forbidden to say southerner, black. Now you need to say “a person with a dark skin color, West Asian.”

Instead of the word migrant (“migrant”), the expressions “irregularly entered the country” should now be used

The words “biological German” or “biological German” are prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to use words like, “a headscarf for Muslim women” and so on.

For the expression “colored”, now facing prison.

Now you need to say not “a person with a fair skin type”, but Western Europeans.

You can not say – “mentally abnormal.” Now it is allowed to say – “a person who has problems with cognitive perception of reality”

The words “migrant” and “refugee” were also banned.

To list everything that is impossible, the Berlin Senate took 29 pages.

Even the word “holocaust”, judging by the catalog, is now recommended to be removed from use. If this is not censorship, then Orwell is perfect.

Probably, the hour is not far off when it will be necessary to walk in silence on the streets of Berlin. Because you have to answer for every word you say. And not always only a fine, but also imprisonment.

The Germans themselves have already ridiculed the innovation by filming a video: