Mysterious marble girl

“Girl” from Vorontsovsky and a statue from the Bonhams auction. Differences are small but visible

3. Given the insane level of detail on the shirt, the meticulously crafted facial features and body creases, the hairstyle “Girls” looks rather strange, more like baby curls than whipped cream. This is just my guess, but the hair looks like the sculptor just didn’t have time to finish it. Although – who knows? Maybe that’s how it was intended.

4. How is it made? “Girl” is adored by lovers of the theme “everything lies to us.” In the amazingly elaborated details of the sculpture, they see not the master’s golden hands, but “the lost technologies of their ancestors.” It is seriously discussed that the “Girl” was either printed on a 3d printer, or molded from marble softened using a special technique … The most original claim that this is a real dead child, doused with “liquid marble”. Multi-page swearing in the comments on this occasion periodically appears on one resource, then on another.

Why do they not believe that the sculptor could do it, roughly speaking, with a scarpel and a mallet? The initial argument is not even technical impossibility, but that such detail is “meaningless”. Like, no one would spend long hours of expensive manual labor on little things like seams on a shirt and dimples under the knees.

It’s not that I’m seriously trying here, sorry, to “shame” lovers of conspiracy theories. But to judge from the point of view of a hurried person from the 21st century about what our ancestors would spend time on is, at least, not entirely correct. The categories “long” and “fast” now and 100-200 years ago are very different. Such sculptures were created over the years and not alone, but with assistants and apprentices. And as for the “meaninglessness” of certain details – it’s still not about the design of the pan, but about a work of art. That’s why he is a master virtuoso, to bother over the little things. Moreover, the aristocrats were ready to generously pay for such work.

The result was this beauty (scroll through the gallery):