Interesting photos of the 1990s from Yugansk for June 25, 2022 on

A woman near a poster with Julio Iglesias. Moscow, 1995.
From an interview with the singer:

– You live in Russia on the same principle as the Latin Americans – first build houses, and then roads. Everything must be done in reverse. Although I see how much has changed in your country lately.

– What exactly has changed?

– At least the fact that at twelve o’clock in the morning you can taste Italian cuisine.

But that’s not an indication…

– I think that real transformation will be possible only when your younger generation takes leadership positions.

– You argue as if you are well privy to our internal problems.

– But I do know them. Firstly, because our peoples are very similar, and secondly, television and the press cover everything that happens in your country. I am even familiar with all the details of the scandal at the Bolshoi Theatre. – Iglesias took a sip of wine and switched to a less serious conversation – about women, about food, about children.

In the end, he offered to take us all home in his white limousine, but we politely declined, citing the fact that we live nearby. Two girls from our company received a bouquet of flowers and one teddy bear for two as a gift from Julio. The singer himself, who sings in different languages ​​of the world, learned during this evening the three words he liked the most: simplicity, hello and thank you.